14.04.1 Openbox configuration manager crash

Phill Whiteside PhillW at PhillW.net
Fri Aug 1 22:45:34 UTC 2014

Hi Vendo,

if you have reported via apport, you will have the bug number(s).
Discussing bugs on email reports without a bug number causes the below.....



On 1 August 2014 20:37, Vendo Bici <vendobici2010 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>  i have just joined this ml and i would like to report a pair of
> problems i have with 14.04.1 64 bit and the desktop pager.
> If i right click on the desktop pager (for example i would like to add
> 2 more workspaces) and i select "desktop pager settings"  openbox
> configuration manager just crashes (i have sent at least 2 reports via
> apport).
> With obconf under desktop settings i'm able to add other 2 desktops.
> The other little problem is that using the mouse wheel on the pager i
> go from the first to the 4th rotating it upside (imho wrong) whilst
> using it on the desktop background downside (imho the right way).
> Thank you in advance.
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