lubuntu 14.04 ppc errors

Israel israeldahl at
Wed Apr 30 22:59:53 UTC 2014

Actually Ubuntu inherited the no sound bug from Debian :(
So... 12.04 is probably the best bet for now.  You can do a mini install
of Ubuntu, and customize it however you like.  Obviously the Lubuntu
packages are not being updated for 12.04.  However, there are other DE
options as well as other WM options.
I like LXDE a lot, but I am also quite partial to JWM, as it is
extremely fast.
I hope this helps you out some.

On 04/30/2014 04:43 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Since i did not really understand, where and how to go better, for the
>     ppc problems, for the moment i continue to post here:
>     Aside all errors (and some others as well) i discovered that sound
>     absolutely does notwork. So, i decided to erase the lubuntu-ppc
>     and went
>     to try a Debian Jessie. That worked by far better, frankly. But may be
>     that's due to the fact i pretty much installed the desktop from
>     scratch.
>     Audio:     Card Failed to Detect Sound Card! Sound: ALSA v:
>     k3.13-1-powerpc
>     "Failed to Detect Sound Card" now, sounds hard to resolve to me. Since
>     the sound is there in the PB - the startup chime works! -, seems to me
>     that's a kernel problem.
>     And, sincerely, without sound, a portable is not that much useful.
>     For a
>     headless server/router that might be fine anyway, but not for a
>     laptop.
>     So, may be one should downgrade the kernel? And if so, down to which
>     one? (As far as i personally realized kernel < 3.2 had a working
>     powermanagement - but would that be work together with lubuntu 14.04?
>     Or is there out there someone, who has a solution?
>     @fairnet:
> No immediate answer, have not found time to do the ppc 14.04 install
> on the iBook to see what my experience with it will be.  But the
> "apple user" subsection of the ubuntu forums may offer some insights .
> . . along with the "PowerPCFAQ" . . . .  Two threads that I just saw
> there, I've posted to the "[PPC] Testers needd for PowerPC 14.04"  . .
> .     And, then I see
> another thread "[PPC] 14.04 Sound problem . . ." 
>  Not having done the
> install I have't checked whether "lsmod" would show the sound modules,
> but perhaps they can be installed by "additional drivers"???
> F/e.e.p.


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