lubuntu 14.04 ppc errors . . . .

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Tue Apr 29 15:08:28 UTC 2014

> noticed at a first glance (the machine is a pb g4, 1,3 ghz + altivec
> with 2 gb ram):
> - Suspend does not work. It only blanks the screen and from that it's
> impossible to wake the pb up.
> - the restart in the logout menu of lubuntu does not work
> @fairnet:

I've been following along with your conversation on getting Lu 14.04 set up
on the PB . . . I've got an old iBook that looks like it might run 14.04,
was looking for some tips or insights here and that didn't warrant a
response, seemingly the same on the main Apple Users forum . . . .  Trying
to find time to run some install on it . . . happy to do that, just not a
lot of time . . . .

However, wanted to point out that "suspend" has not worked on my iMac 12.04
for quite some time . . . one of our old mintppc buddies, "abtabt" does
manage to get suspend working on his iMac and he posted some ideas on his
thread about how to "boot video w/ no screen" . . . .  He suggested that I
might have a problem with it because I have a wifi card installed . . . his
iMac does not have the wifi card.  Of course for a laptop the wifi card
might be more handy??  Anyway, point being the "suspend" thing seems to be
an issue or not within the exact machine that has been around for a while .
. . and perhaps it's been handled by the xorg.conf file by some???  Seems
like you have enough RAM for it.

And, the "restart in the logout menu" failing was an issue that became a
problem for myself and others running LM from about 15 and 16 . . .
requiring logout >click restart>tty log in/password>sudo reboot> password .
. . before it would restart.  Traced to some issues with "mdm" log in
window . . . there was something about adjusting the "quiet splash" line in
GRUB, which got around the problem of the restart dropping into black
screen . . . w/o waking up . . . .  But, in fresh install of Xubun 14.04 64
bit on my MBPro . . . I can restart from the desktop or logout menu . . .
.  So, interesting that this problem has bled over to Lu 14.04??

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