Encryption of installation - 2 questions

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 04:58:52 UTC 2014

2014-04-29 02:35, farinet at arcor.de skrev:
> 1.
> On a samsung whereto in installed lubuntu 13.10 (upgraded then by
> do-release-upgrade to 14.04) i chose encryption and i got someting like
> a 64 characters key. I wrote that down, as suggested. Do i understand
> correctly that the encryption is somewhat "silently" done? And the need
> of that key would only come up in case of some kind of "havary" of the hd?
> In any case, unfortunately, i lost that key by moving inside my house
> (very likely it ended in the poubelle :-( ). Now what should/could i do?
> Actually, i do not have any problem, i can access all my data and
> programs without any problem. But i would not like to have a bad
> experience in the future if/when there is going something wrong.
> 2.
> On the powerbook with a fresh lubuntu-ppc installation i chose
> encryption as well. But there before logging in i'm asked the pswd i
> gave in for the encription. Apparently there was no key generation (but
> may be i missed that, since i had no control *DURING* the installation
> (see my other msg)? Is that something new in 14.04 or is that a
> difference due to the specific of ppc?
Maybe this link will help you find it (if you are using 'encrypted home')


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