Getting special keys to work

John Hupp lubuntu at
Tue Apr 29 00:48:21 UTC 2014

I was trying to watch Netflix on a laptop (with Lubuntu) connected to a 
TV by S-Video connection.  I found out that Fn-F7 was not working to 
select the external VGA or S-Video displays.

Subsequently I found that Fn-F4 does not put the laptop to sleep, and 
Fn-F5 does not toggle the WiFi radio on/off.  (The other common special 
keys work OK.)

So I'm trying to get those keys working that way via entries in 

With 'xev -event keyboard' I found out that Fn-F7 produces the keysym 
'XF86Display' but I still need to know what command to bind that to.  So 
that's my first question.

Fn-F4 and Fn-F5 does not produce any keysym's, so I'm currently at a 
loss for how to proceed next with those.

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