Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 28, Issue 66

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Tue Apr 29 00:25:56 UTC 2014

Am 27.04.2014 14:00, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
> It's actually Firefox, but I think they ought to rename the binary.  To
> duplicate the effect, you set up the browser to use a SOCKS5 proxy
> (tor).  So it's got a few settings adjusted, such as
> network.proxy.socks_remote_dns.  It also has add-ons like Torbutton,
> HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, and TorLauncher.  Read the project site's
> notes carefully.

I'm pretty aware ;) On my other machines i tweaked firefox handishly
(essentially following the suggestions of bodhizazen). My best setup is,
as it appears to me also from testing with the specialized sites:

Squid3 -> Privoxy -> Tor (cash completely off in the browser). With
Noscript i'm having problems when it comes to view for example embedded
videos in websites of newspapers. So i do not use its working around
with Better Privacy, HTTPS-Everywhere and Request Policy (and lots of
tweakings in the ff preferences as well). Privoxy too, does a lot (it's
really a great tool).

It was mo out of curiousity - and since flash in FF ppc does not exist
anyway - i wanted to try out the tor bundle. I do not find frankly the
torbutton as a single package (and seems to me that on their site the
comuncate too the do not distribute it out of the bundle (?)

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