Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 28, Issue 66

farinet at farinet at
Tue Apr 29 00:17:49 UTC 2014

Am 27.04.2014 14:00, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
> Fluxbox or FVWM can be added to a basic Lubuntu installation and you can
> log in with that instead.  I've used FVWM-Crystal on slower machines
> before.

I tried the installation with your additional setting for video:

	live-ppc video=radeonfb:140x900-32

And it worked.

During the installation i had the problem, that the installation window
reduced itself to a line and there was no way to enlarge it. Maximizing
put that line top left on the screen. Anyway, installation passed
through. Now, i'll go to tweak lubuntu a bit.

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