a curious and may be incorrect question re fluxbox

farinet at arcor.de farinet at arcor.de
Sat Apr 26 06:47:50 UTC 2014

Am 26.04.2014 08:11, schrieb Nio Wiklund:
> In this case I suggest that you start from the Ubuntu mini.iso and add
> whatever packages you want, and tweak it. It is harder to make a system
> clean from what has already been installed.
> (Of course you can have Lubuntu with Openbox as a template)

Thanks! I see ... The point is, that Ubuntu has by far the best font
handling among the linuxes i tried (Debian and crunchbang essentially).
So my idea was to get profit of that, but strip down then. E.g., i
nearly never use the desktop for icons etc. Only as a kind of pinwall
for conky ;-) (and the desktop directory as a temporary container for
files i'd arrange later on).

In *that* regard the crunchbang idea is closer to me - but i find really
hard to deal with it (the reason is openbox) when it comes to customize
it deeply. Anyway ...

Thanks again!

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