bootable usb-stick forPB G4 17" ?

farinet at farinet at
Fri Apr 25 20:15:40 UTC 2014

Am 25.04.2014 21:45, schrieb Britt Dodd:
> AFAIK, OpenFirmware on the Powerbook G4 will not boot from USB devices,
> except if its a CDROM. Or at least that was what I found when trying to
> install Ubuntu/Gentoo/Lubuntu on my PBG4.
> Unless the drive isn't stock, I believe all Powerbook G4's should be
> able to read from and boot from DVDs, so you may want to consider
> burning a DVD for use with Lubuntu, if you're able to.

Yes, some doubt about booting from a usb stick a had too. But otoh, i'm
pretty sure someone here expained a way how to create a bootable usb
using dd on a mac. For what you' do that, if not to boot.

My problem is, i've an amd ultrabook here and the PB, but no dvd drive
capable to write ... ;-) Macintosh target mode only works via firewire,
isn't it?

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