rough edges in Default applications for LXSessions

farinet at farinet at
Thu Apr 24 20:42:20 UTC 2014

Am 24.04.2014 19:42, schrieb Israel <israeldahl at>:
> Hi,
> Do you happen to have hardware keys for Volume control?  If not this
> could be your issue (or that is what my first look seems to indicate).
> You can remedy this by changing your shortcut keys for those.
> Unfortunately there is no graphical manager for doing this.  If you need
> to do this, I'd highly suggest getting a text editor with Syntax
> highlighting (gedit, geany... not sure if mousepad does that)
> Secondly, have you tweaked any internal settings (I know it is really
> fun to hack around, but some problems I have had are because I tweaked a
> little too much).
> Also, AFAIK the .config/autostart folder no longer does anything...
> though this could have changed since the Alpha/Beta stages.
> Have you installed any other DE (like xubuntu-desktop?) as installing
> other desktops sometimes makes certain things incompatible (I have
> installed Lubuntu with ubuntu-desktop and had some very odd problems).
> Also, sometimes removing certain config files can remedy your issue...
> so please let us know more info!
> --
> Regards

Yes,in theory i should have <Fn><F6> = toggle on/off volume, <Fn><F7> =
lower volume, <Fn><F8> = raise volume ; but they do not work.

No, i did not tweak anything internally. I waited for 14.04 to start
with keyboard shortcuts.

Me too, i'm under the impression that ~/.config/autostart does not do

No,i've no other De's installed (save i copied some fluxbox settings
from another environment, but did not make it operational).

Which config files do ou have in mind.

BUT: Why the hell lxsession-default-apps installs a xfce-power-manager
desktop file in autostart when there is no xfce-power-manager at all
installed in my system?

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