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_Please reply to the whole list_, so others can read your post and help
as well.
I have an older PowerPC machine with a similar graphics card.  I have
been planning to test out Lubuntu on it soon... but from what I remember
the last time I tried it, was that
Ubuntu had some difficulty playing well with it.  I ended up trying to
install Debian, and it worked correctly, so there is a way to get
everything to work... I am not entirely sure what it is yet.  I will
test out my machine (and also find out exactly what card it uses) soon.

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AGP2x-ATI Rage 128 came with win2kpro changed to winxp home. not
partitioned full install as I did with lubuntu

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On 04/23/2014 02:55 PM, Jack wrote:
> Installed lunbutu on dell latitude c600 512 mb ram only problem is the
> display is good on the left and gets fuzzy about 2/3 to right has a
> gap and then can see right part of display in last quarter of screen
> to the right
Could you please specify your graphics card?  You can do this pretty
easily by opening a terminal and running
lspci | grep VGA

Please post the result to the list!  There are some known issues with
some various graphics cards.
I am assuming this display worked fine previously when running a
different OS.  Was the previous OS Windows, or a different Linux (i.e.
Lubuntu 12.04)


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