xfce-powermanagement - xscreensaver -amd catalyst

farinet at arcor.de farinet at arcor.de
Wed Apr 23 05:52:30 UTC 2014

In lubuntu 13.10 if i remember correctly xscreensaver was not installed
by default. In my case i've running both, xscreensaver and
xfcepowermanagement and i'm under the impression that the settings are
somewhat overlapping. E.g., if the time to turn off the screen in
xscreensaver is shorter than in xfcepowermanagement, then the settings
of xfcepowermanagement seem to be not respected anymore.

So, since without the amd catalyst driver the suspend and lid_closed
settings of xfcepowermanagement do not work correctly (suspend) or not
at all (lid_closed) in my machine (samsung535u3c - seems it is a
somewhat known problem :badgrin: ), my question is:

Is xfcepowermanagement only a gui layer and therefore could i remove it
without bigger risks? Or would there go with it also scripts and configs
in /etc/acpi or /etc/default/ or /etc/laptop-mode .... ?

TIA for your patience.

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