webcam (guvcview) does not work

farinet at farinet at
Tue Apr 22 09:22:11 UTC 2014

Am 22.04.2014 09:55, schrieb Geoffrey De Belie:
> And this command?
> ls /dev/video*
> What does this command return? (it should return your model of webcam)
> lsusb
> Is your webcam recognised? (try installing v4l2ucp, it will show you if your webcam is properly recognised, if so, the model is also visible)
> lsmod | grep v4

I found the reason: To get access to the <Fn><keys> i had installed the
samsung-tools and eventhough i wasn't using it anymore, the preferences
of samsung-tools-preferences where still sitting there - and blocking
the webcam. I re-installed and -activated them, turned the webcam on and
all is fine now.

Thanks a lot for your effort and - please excuse that i was so studid! :-(

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