a2dp via blueman does not work

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 03:08:37 UTC 2014

A while back, Gary had some issues using bluetooth for headphones...
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth
apparently fixed his issue... however, I do not have bluetooth anything,
so I cannot test this out.
Maybe Gary will see this, if the above doesn't work for you.

On 04/21/2014 06:08 PM, farinet at arcor.de wrote:
> A year ago i remember, sending audiostreams via bluetooth (using
> blueman) to an amplifier worked like a charm. Now, i'm unable to set
> this up (the receiver is a Dual BA1). Blueman pairs but only as headset
> not as a2dp. When i'm trying the latter i get:
> "Stream setup failed"
> I checked, if the receiver is broken, but it isn't: from an android
> phone i could easily send audiostreams.


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