WOW Lubuntu, yet again

Ali Linx ali.linux at
Mon Apr 21 10:30:20 UTC 2014

Dear Lubuntu Community,

I'm sure most of you remember this:

This project is on HOLD:

I hope this is the final email I send regarding WOWLubuntu.

I'm sorry if this will be a sad one but I must do it. I no longer have 
any interest to look after this project. I have tons of other stuff to 
do and I have -1 time (not even zero) to WOWLubuntu.

If Lubuntu have at least one member/contributor with some marketing 
ideas and similar stuff, he/she would definitely know how to take a good 
advantage of such project and use it to promote for Lubuntu even better.

Before you hit 'Reply', think about it :)
I still have lots of love and respect to Lubuntu and I'm sure you know. 
Sad but true, I no longer have energy nor time to handle WOWLubuntu.

Now, things are so quiet and until the announcement of U-Cycle and the 
planning for next release starts, it is IMHO a good time to decide 
whether to 'KILL' WOWLubuntu and shut it down OR take over the project 
and make a good ting out of it.

Yes, sadly if within 1 week (7 days) I will get no response, I will 
announce the official shutting down of WOWLubuntu :(
For those who don't know, I'm the founder of WOWLubuntu.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing myself to look after:

I've been busy in real life and with Ubuntu GNOME:

Now that Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS has been released and StartUbuntu 
( is doing fine with a huge success 
IMHO, it is time to take advantage of this period of time before another 
cycle starts soon and look after ToriOS :)

Think before you hit reply, please :)

Trust me, it could be a great chance to promote for Lubuntu and attract 
more users and contributors to your project.

It is Lubuntu Community call now ...

Thanks for reading!


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