sound missing on Trusty upgrade

ø carsrcoffins23 at
Sun Apr 20 15:11:49 UTC 2014

I'm totally stumped about this one. I was even listening to music while                                         
do-release-upgrade was doing its thing but upon restart, I've got no                                            
sound. I first looked to pulse, which was installed (I think it came                                            
along with tuxguitar and I never noticed) so I removed it. No change. I                                         
tried force-reloading ALSA, but that did not elicit a change. I toggled                                         
muting in alsamixer to no avail. I killed the timidity deamon (yeah, I                                          
do a lot of audio stuff) which has been reported to be an issue and                                             
nothing. Still, I have what appears to be a working system, as reported                                         
by aplay, play, mplayer, audacious, etc. Nothing is complaining and yet                                         
I don't have sound. I feel I can rule out a hardware issue because                                              
previously it did work. That being said, below is some information that                                         
I hope helps someone figure this out!                                                                           
aplay -l:                                                                                                       
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****                                                                     
card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: 92HD95 Analog [92HD95 Analog]                                            
  Subdevices: 1/1                                                                                               
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0                                                                                    
card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]                                                          
  Subdevices: 1/1                                                                                               
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0                                                                                    
from lspci -vvnn:                                                                                               
00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series                                             
Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller [8086:1e20] (rev 04)                                            
        Subsystem: Lenovo Device [17aa:3977]                                                                    
        Control: I/O- Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop-                                             
ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B- DisINTx+                                                                       
        Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort-                                          
<TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR- INTx-                                                                           
        Latency: 0, Cache Line Size: 64 bytes                                                                   
        Interrupt: pin A routed to IRQ 44                                                                       
        Region 0: Memory at c0610000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable)                                                 
        Capabilities: <access denied>                                                                           
        Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel

modinfo snd_hda_intel:
description:    Intel HDA driver
license:        GPL
srcversion:     62C07A94C39CCF25ECE24B7
alias:          pci:v00001022d*sv*sd*bc04sc03i00*
alias:          pci:v00001002d*sv*sd*bc04sc03i00*
alias:          pci:v000015ADd00001977sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v000017F3d00003010sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001102d00000009sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001102d00000012sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001102d00000010sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00006549d00002200sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00006549d00001200sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc04sc03i00*
alias:          pci:v000010B9d00005461sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001039d00007502sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001106d00009140sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001106d00009170sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001106d00003288sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AAB0sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AAA8sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AAA0sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d00009902sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA98sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA90sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA88sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA80sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA68sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA60sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA58sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA50sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA48sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA40sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA38sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA30sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA28sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA18sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA10sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA08sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000AA00sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000970Fsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000960Fsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d00007919sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000793Bsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001022d0000780Dsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d00004383sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001002d0000437Bsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d*sv*sd*bc04sc03i00*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00003A6Esv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00003A3Esv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000293Fsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000293Esv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000284Bsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000269Asv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000027D8sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002668sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000F04sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000080Asv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000811Bsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00003B56sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000D0Csv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000C0Csv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000A0Csv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00009CA0sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00009C21sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00009C20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00008D21sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00008D20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00008C20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00001E20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00001D20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00001C20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
depends:        snd-hda-codec,snd-pcm,snd,snd-page-alloc
intree:         Y
vermagic:       3.13.0-24-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 686 
signer:         Magrathea: Glacier signing key
sig_hashalgo:   sha512
parm:           index:Index value for Intel HD audio interface. (array
of int)
parm:           id:ID string for Intel HD audio interface. (array of
parm:           enable:Enable Intel HD audio interface. (array of bool)
parm:           model:Use the given board model. (array of charp)
parm:           position_fix:DMA pointer read method.(-1 = system
default, 0 = auto, 1 = LPIB, 2 = POSBUF, 3 = VIACOMBO, 4 = COMBO).
(array of int)
parm:           bdl_pos_adj:BDL position adjustment offset. (array of
parm:           probe_mask:Bitmask to probe codecs (default = -1).
(array of int)
parm:           probe_only:Only probing and no codec initialization.
(array of int)
parm:           jackpoll_ms:Ms between polling for jack events (default
= 0, using unsol events only) (array of int)
parm:           single_cmd:Use single command to communicate with codecs
(for debugging only). (bool)
parm:           enable_msi:Enable Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI)
parm:           patch:Patch file for Intel HD audio interface. (array of
parm:           beep_mode:Select HDA Beep registration mode (0=off,
1=on) (default=1). (array of bool)
parm:           power_save:Automatic power-saving timeout (in second, 0
= disable). (xint)
parm:           power_save_controller:Reset controller in power save
mode. (bool)
parm:           align_buffer_size:Force buffer and period sizes to be
multiple of 128 bytes. (bint)
parm:           snoop:Enable/disable snooping (bool)

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