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Israel israeldahl at
Sun Apr 20 12:22:43 UTC 2014

Ok, yeah... the commands as follows:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread4 regionset vlc
this installs the dvd reading library, the region setting program and vlc

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
this installs the content srcambling decoder (DRM videos have css which 
scrambles the content)

sudo ln -s /dev/scd0 /dev/dvd
this makes a symbolic link (you can think of it like a bookmark) from 
your scd0 to your dvd directory for vlc (and other programs)

sudo regionset
this one is kinda dangerous.  you can only do this one a certain amount 
of times, before your DVD player is permenantly the region you specify.  
using 0 is generally a good choice, as it lets you watch 'any' DVD.

   The only command you probably needed to run was the one to install 
the decoder.  The restricted package brings in libdvdread4, and you had 
vlc already.... and since you could watch dvds on your mint install your 
dvd drive must have had the right region code.... however you may have 
had to link the srcd0 to the dvd directory (or I suppose you could tell 
vlc to look there instead of /dev/dvd).

Glad you figured it out!!  Hope my commentary makes it easier to 
understand what you did (if you ever need to do this again)

On 04/20/2014 03:45 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
> Thanks again, Israel, for your input.
> I haven't reinstalled the 32-bit version of VLC but I read an 
> instruction for commands to solve this on a page of
> I have no idea what these commands are doing, but it solved my 
> problem: all DVD's so far are now accepted by VLC as in Mint 16!
> I didn't change the region code of the player. For some reason this 
> command was refused, but who cares.
> For several reasons, I like to stay with Lubuntu 14.04 rather than use 
> Mint 16/LXDE.
> Israel schreef op 20-4-2014 02:59:
>> If I remember correctly there is a setting in VLC for changing the 
>> region.  But I can't remember where you can change it.  I wonder why 
>> 64bit has this problem, though.  It may require something that is not 
>> pulled in in the 64bit version.  You can install the 32bit version of 
>> VLC in lubuntu by choosing the :i386 version of the package.
>> You might test that to see if it works as well... That is an odd bug 
>> to encounter :(
>> On 04/19/2014 04:24 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>> There are more problems with playing DVD's as I thought before. Many 
>>> of my DVD's (region 2) will not play at all in 64-bit Lubuntu 14.04 
>>> with any of the media players (VLC, Parole) though I had downloaded 
>>> the available codecs files from the Lubuntu software center .
>>> Switching to 32-bit Mint 16 with LXDE desktop (which is also on the 
>>> same PC) , all DVD's so far can be started  if VLC is selected from 
>>> the autorun.
>>> It looks that I need to file a bug report.
>>> Henk Terhell schreef op 19-4-2014 17:50:
>>>> Thanks Irael for your help.
>>>> Israel schreef op 19-4-2014 14:17:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> On 04/18/2014 05:06 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>>>>> Happy to have installed 14.04 now on my desktop and old laptop 
>>>>>> but upgrading from 12.04 was not very smooth. Only a complete 
>>>>>> overwrite worked out OK. On my laptop I forgot to put the 
>>>>>> wireless connection on when upgrading to 14.04 ( I assumed I 
>>>>>> could do this afterward) and had to reinstall again as I couldn't 
>>>>>> find a way to find the router.
>>>>> Sorry you encountered the issue.  Unfortunately I do not know how 
>>>>> to answer this, though a bug report might help the developers.  It 
>>>>> may be unrelated to Lubuntu specifically, and be more related to 
>>>>> your wireless card.
>>>> Now I understand it was related to the missing nm-applet, so no 
>>>> further action is needed.
>>>>>> There is a problem with media playing in 14.04 which I hadn't 
>>>>>> notice in 12.04: VLC player won't start a CD or DVD until it is 
>>>>>> ejected first from PCManFM in the left column.
>>>>> Do you have PCManFM handle mounting volumes automatically? I found 
>>>>> using thunar --daemon in my startup applications worked well for 
>>>>> autoplaying DVDs when I insert them, but unfortunately PCManFM 
>>>>> doesn't yet have the ability to automatically open a program when 
>>>>> media is inserted.
>>>> Yes, mounting devices automatically seems to be on. I have 
>>>> installed thunar now. Most useful as indeed it does show all tracks 
>>>> of the CD/DVD from which you can start VLC and it actually works, 
>>>> Clicking on the individual wav files from within PCManFM causes an 
>>>> error message in VLC.
>>>>>> Also VLC won't start when a CD or DVD was present at start-up 
>>>>>> although BIOS is set to boot from the hard disk. With BIOS 
>>>>>> setting at CD/DVD reading first, the system won't even boot when 
>>>>>> a movie DVD is present, but that is a handicap quickly learned to 
>>>>>> overcome.
>>>>>> Reinstalling VLC didn't solve anything
>>>>>> Henk
>>>>> The system not booting when a movie is in seems to be a firmware 
>>>>> issue for your BIOS, it seems unlikely that this issue is related 
>>>>> to Lubuntu.  Did this used to work, but now is broken?
>>>> Not sure, but after resetting the BIOS to boot from hard disk there 
>>>> are still sometimes crashes in starting up the system when a disk 
>>>> is present in the tray, so I should avoid that. I had not seen this 
>>>> before nor does it show up in starting mint 16/LXDE from grub. But 
>>>> also in mint 16 the problem exists that vlc cannot be restarted 
>>>> unless after playing the disk is ejected first either manually or 
>>>> from PCManFM, so that likely is an issue of this file manager.


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