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Sat Apr 19 14:50:12 UTC 2014

On 04/19/2014 09:24 AM, farinet at wrote:
> Am 07.04.2014 23:52, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
>> I have never heard of this program before, but when I searched it
>> I found the page you probably know about
>> To compile it seems pretty simple... however, you may need to go in the
>> make file and change some of the dependency names, as Ubuntu/Debian use
>> some very different names for certain libraries.
>> you could open the make file and find the package names, and (simply?)
>> change them to the correct ones.
>> Though, in reality you should probably contact the dev
>> siyan.panayotov at
>> And I think it would be much easier to go about figuring it out this way.
>> So, YES there is a way... this is GNU/Linux there is always a way, some
>> just take a lot of time and effort :D
> I thought i should post how i resolved: Fortunately, turned back to my
> mind that in crunchbang Viewnior is the standard img viewer (and since
> it is debian based, it has the .deb packages. So i looked into their
> repositories and found a pretty nicely installable package. Not the
> latest one but pretty close (1.3).
> It's not the correct GNU/Linux way but for me it was a way anyway ... ;-)
awesome!!  I am so glad you got it worked out!
Did you use the crunchbang package, or was there one hosted somewhere 
else (in other words, can you post a link for others on this list who 
may want to try it out)


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