My Lubuntu Trusty upgrade experiences

Dale Visser dale.visser at
Fri Apr 18 14:16:00 UTC 2014

About 25 hours ago, I was excited to see the announcement go out earlier
than expected that Lubuntu 14.04 LTS had been released.

About 21 hours ago, I sat down at one of my two Saucy instances, which
is a VM I use on my work machine for software development. First, I made
a snapshot of the VHD to be cautious. 'sudo update-manager' failed to
show me that Trusty was available. Using the -d option would have
allowed me to switch to developer channel and upgrade that way, but I
wasn't sure what that would do to my configuration. I opted to download
an ISO, boot my VM from it, and choose upgrade in the installer. That
went fine, but as I've experienced in the past when doing this, my
Tomcat configuration and applications got blown away, and had to be
restored. I also had to re-add my user account back to the vboxsf group
so that I could access some host OS folders.

My other machine is a dual-boot system (with Windows 7 Home Premium)
attached to our living room PC. It is mostly for gaming, but I also keep
my Thunderbird e-mail client on it. I waited until this morning (2 hours
ago) to try 'sudo update-manager' on it. After a few saucy updates, it
then notified me of trusty's availability, which I then easily upgraded
to. I am typing this e-mail on a successfully upgraded system. The only
extra step after upgrade was to re-add a third-party repository I use
back (spideroak).

Very smooth experience on that second upgrade! :-) It's possible the
Tomcat and VirtualBox issues on the first upgrade would also occur with
'update-manager'. Does anybody know?

My suggestion for the future is not to jump the starting gun with the
announcement, i.e., please don't announce until people will be able to
easily upgrade with update-manager, or at least give a warning in the
announcement that some time may pass before update-manager will see the
upgrade possibility.

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