My 3 +1 annoying bugs

Ali Linx ali.linux at
Fri Apr 18 11:33:48 UTC 2014


First of all, on behalf of myself and Ubuntu GNOME Team, I'd like to 
thank you for Lubuntu 14.04 LTS :)
Congratulations, everyone!

My 3 annoying bugs: 
= Not yet fixed :( 
= seems okay now - could you please confirm? 
= seems okay now - could you please confirm?

and, this new one:

Gladly, Julien is aware of this so hope to see a fix soon :)
But that fix will take effect 'after' installing Lubuntu which means it 
will not be on the final stable ISO, correct? you may want to publish 
that on your blog + social media :)

Thank you!

Why there is no announcement on your Social Media Channels, by the way?


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