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Thu Apr 17 14:28:14 UTC 2014

On 04/16/2014 11:15 PM, lubuntu at wrote:
> Le 09.04.2014 13:06, Ali Linx a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I'm sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere else but I'm only
>> subscribed to this mailing list and I'm afraid I can't subscribe to
>> any other Lubuntu Mailing List at the moment. I was simply wondering
>> if there is any update for Lubuntu Manual? any hope it will be
>> available for Trusty Tahr Cycle?
>> I'm asking because such Manual will be useful not only for Lubuntu
>> Users but perhaps for all the other flavors. And not just for the
>> Ubuntu Flavor, but perhaps other systems as well. That of course, if
>> the efforts and ideas to be dedicated to this manual is special and of
>> high quality :)
>> You may want to have a look at Fedora's Documentation. It's IMHO one
>> of the best among all FOSS and GNU/Linux Projects.
>> I appreciate if someone could share the light in this regard :)
>> Many thanks!
>> -- 
>> Ali/amjjawad

Hi and thanks for your reply :)

> I am afraid that nothing has been done about Lubuntu Manual.

So, I didn't miss anything? okay :)

> I was among the volunteers, but, as many people, I ran out of time.

Yes, I know and I remember that ;)

> I am still convinced that such manual would be essential, especially 
> as Lubuntu 14.04 is LTS and Windows XP is over.
> Maybe a "Quick Start Guide" would be possible to make.
> Regards,
> Pierre Gobin


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