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farinet at farinet at
Wed Apr 16 06:16:38 UTC 2014

Am 16.04.2014 04:36, schrieb brendanperrine at
> Looking closer at /usr/bin/lxsession-default I found something else
> wrong with the file is that before the ;; in the list of options for all
> different parts of lxsession-default is on a new line instead of being
> at the end of the previous command if you want the ;; on a new line for
> style reasons then a \ in front of it will make it be equivlent to being
> on the same line. Doing this and saving the file back in
> /usr/bin/lxsession-default seems to get alt printscreen keybinding
> working and several of the other lxsession-default commands to work
> which were not working before. 

I do not find <;;> in mine. Or i am misunderstanding something here (?).

PS. I tried to insert the file in this msg but that doesn't work because
the mailprogram breaks the lines as it likes to do. (Eventually, if
needed, i could attach it?)

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