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Sun Apr 13 18:34:02 UTC 2014

The way to do this is to open pcmanfm. Which is in menu under Accessories
File manager PCManfm. Or there by default is a folder with the panel that
allows you to on the left. If you have a directory view you need to change
it to the places menu under the veiw menu. I did get this to work in my
pcmanfm in my testing of trusty. Also be aware that if your usb hard drive
has multiple partitions that it shows each partition as an individual
device. So click the button to unmount all of them. There is a little
button to the right the device name that you click to eject. This also
works with usb flash drives.

Actually thinking about this the wiki does not list usb hard drives but
does list flash drives to
eject this way. If this keeps coming up should this be added to the wiki?

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 6:19 AM, George DiceGeorge
<dicegeorge at>wrote:

> I've plugged in an external usb hard drive,
> it shows up in File Manager at
> media/george
> but when i right click it there's no option to unmount it,
> nor can i find such an option in the menus.
> Isnt it wrong to unplug it when the disk is spinning?
> [george]
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