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Israel israeldahl at
Sun Apr 13 00:15:42 UTC 2014

On 04/06/2014 01:06 AM, DANIEL PEREIRA wrote:
> I wonder how to solve the problem seen in the video.
> Vertical lines cut images (those not horizontal lines always appear 
> when shooting a monitor)
> and it can be noted as it freezes at times in small parts.
> When I go into recovery mode generic functions without these failures ...
> hopefully they can help me fix this, and I wanted to keep this distro.
I just got this e-mail... so sorry it took so long to help :(
I would try editing your kernel parameters.
To do this, hold down SHIFT after you see your BIOS screen.
Then, once you see the Grub screen press 'e' to edit
go to the line that starts with linux and ends with something like 
'quiet splash'
add the word nomodeset after splash.  If this works for you let us know 
and we can help you make it permanent.
If my instructions are not clear enough, please do ask for more details, 
and let us know what version of Lubuntu you are using (i.e. 13.10, or 
14.04 Beta)


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