Lubuntu 14.04 prerelease not updating

George DiceGeorge dicegeorge at
Sat Apr 12 17:02:59 UTC 2014

Good, thanks Nio.

After two restarts it seems to be working OK,
and has updated.

I'm downloading a new ISO from
and will install that and see if automatic updates work on that.

Six days until release Easter Thursday I think...


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From: Nio Wiklund
Sent: Saturday, 12 April, 2014 17:51
To: George DiceGeorge ; lubuntu user list
Subject: Re: Lubuntu 14.04 prerelease not updating

Hi George,

Until Trusty is released as 14.04 LTS you can expect problems from day
to day. It is still in the development phase. We who run the development
release are prepared for such problems and ready to report bugs to
Launchpad. This way we help the developers.

Best regards

2014-04-12 18:34, George DiceGeorge skrev:
> I restarted it,
> and tried again with
> menu/System Tools/Software Updater
> and this time its installing updates...
> I'll install another CD from
> if it'll help.
> [george]
> -----Original Message----- From: dicegeorge at Sent: Saturday,
> 12 April, 2014 17:16 To: lubuntu user list Subject: Lubuntu 14.04
> prerelease not updating
> I installed  Lubuntu14.04 about a week ago.
> Today, for the first time I connected it to the internet.
> Firefox works OK.
> But I was not prompted for any updates.
> Only when I go...
> Menu / System Tools / Software Updater
> does it check for updates from
> After a while it offers 155.6MB of updates,
> which I am installing.
> But why didnt it check for updates automatically?
> And why did Software Updater close unexpectedly?
> update-manager 1:0.196.9
> Crash
> oh - its +bug/1202754
> I'm glad its already known about...
> aha..
> Launchpad monitor (janitor) wrote on 2014-04-10
> that a fix has been released....
> and doesnt crash if i click 'cancel" in the polkit dialof
> How can i update the update manager?
> do I have to wipe everything and download a later ISO and burn another CD?
> [George]

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