Non-pae version of lubuntu 14.04

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Wed Apr 9 16:53:28 UTC 2014

Hi George,

rather than me sum it all up for you, have a read of Pretty much all the
chips before the Celeron 'M' series were non-pae (some of the 'M' series
also were). Most of the 'M' series were pae capable, but did not
'advertise' it. With the 14.04 release, a slight change has been made to
allow these CPU's to work without the need of work-arounds such as
fake-pae. There will be machines coming over from XP to lubuntu who are
going to be non-pae capable.

I hope that helps.



On 9 April 2014 17:21, George DiceGeorge <dicegeorge at> wrote:

>   ive followed some of your links
> but cant find anything about
> pae
> what is it?
> [george]
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>  Hi,
> The non-pae version of lubuntu 14.04 is now available for testing.
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