More Lubuntu 14.04 Beta Testing

Aere Greenway Aere at
Tue Apr 8 22:17:10 UTC 2014


I installed the current (yesterday's) development build of Lubuntu 14.04 
i386 desktop on an HP Vectra (450 megahertz, 512 MB RAM) test machine.

The installation completed without any problems (I did the manual 
partitioning option, and there was an existing swap partition). I 
installed it in partition sda8 of the first of two drives, and it made 
use of a common FAT32 partition successfully.  Total time to install was 
about an hour and a half.

I encountered the same problems as with the system I tested yesterday.

The first problem (no sound) actually turned out to be very faint sound, 
which I was unable to fix using the ALSA mixer called-up by 
right-clicking on the speaker icon in the task-bar.  It could be a 
multiple sound-card problem.

When I installed PulseAudio and PavuControl, I was able to select the 
proper sound-card, and sound worked properly.  I did not have to reboot 
to get it working.

I also had the same problem (as yesterday) with GDebi being unable to 
install my dependencies.  I am going to have to pursue that problem 

But one really good thing I noticed, is that the Software Updater tool 
(of the System menu) now works, even on slow machines!

I had given up hope of them ever fixing that problem, but they actually 
fixed it!

On 14.04, you no longer have to resort to a Terminal session to update 
your system on slow machines.


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