zRAM broken on Raring?

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 06:29:15 UTC 2013

On 2013-09-29 02:23, John Hupp wrote:
> On 9/28/2013 12:23 PM, sudodus wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Yes, let us hope the bug will be fixed soon, and it will be
>> back-ported :-)
>> Can you run your application without zRAM? You can switch it off in a
>> simple way (and have it ready for reactivation) like this with crontab.
>> Edit the crontab with
>> sudo crontab -e
>> $ sudo crontab -l |tail -n3
>> # m h  dom mon dow   command
>> @reboot              /sbin/swapoff /dev/zram*
>> @reboot              /sbin/rmmod zram
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> I set up a root crontab as you suggested, Nio, and syslog confirms that
> the two crontab commands are run after the zram setup commands.
> But sudo parted -l still reports:
>     Error: /dev/zram1: unrecognised disk label
> Does anyone know if the zram1 device would be using memory (the setup
> command designated 512MB for zram on this 1GB setup) or otherwise doing
> any harm?

Hi John,

The zRAM is not removed, only de-activated. Only if zRAM is used already
'@reboot', when cron runs the command, and there is no place to put the
content, then swapoff would fail (I think).

1. Did you check with

swapon -s

This command should return no zram block device.

2. Check the memory with

free -m

and install and run


to check if something related to zram is running or using memory.

Best regards

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