promoting development opportunities

Paul Sutton zleap at
Wed Sep 25 20:53:59 UTC 2013


I recently found a really useful poster on the benefits of contributing
to open source / free software projects:-

specfically this website
and the bottom link

This got me thinking that as I am in early stages of contacting a few
volunteer agencies I have asked one if any volunteering HAS to be in the
Torbayu area,  the person I e-mailed is getting back to me, however this
does present an ideal opportunity to promote various projects and how to
get involved.

I could do this via my local lug, but the website is still not that
effective i would rather direct people towards

and similar pages

does this sound like a good idea,  i can do this via my local linux user
groups too, in fact I will upload that poster to a page on getting

now links to the poster and links to the page mentioned above.

is this useful, is there more i can add to this ?




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