[Lubuntu-qa] Lubuntu 13.10 beta

Nik Th nikth at gmx.com
Wed Sep 18 13:07:47 UTC 2013

Possibly this is something to do with the installer (ubiquity package maybe ? ) and is frequently encountered in Alpha/Beta versions (I have seen similar problems in Unity and Gnome-shell in older Alpha/Beta releases).
Hopefully will be fixed before stable release.
If we want to report a bug about this, we have to be completely sure that is a bug. I would suggest to wait and see what will happen after some updates.

About the slow shutdown process (when shutdown button pressed from the menu) , this is not a problem in my Saucy installation anymore. Now I have a new problem that I want to examine, and this is a big delay time when I hit the logout button. We'll see.

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