Munich distributes Linux CDs to get people to ditch Windows XP

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Sep 14 11:18:25 UTC 2013

Hi everybody!

The original suggestion was to use Lubuntu, which suits very well for
ageing Windows XP computers and their users. But Canonical staff decided
to supply Ubuntu instead. I think the reason is that there is no LTS
version of Lubuntu, and nine months is way too short life-time for the
München project.

Unfortunately standard Ubuntu has too big foot-print for many of the
ageing XP computers. If Precise Gnome Classic Tweaks had been delivered
(as a tweaked respin), the chance of success would have been much
greater (it allows switching between a good desktop environment for old
computers and the modern Unity for newer computers).

The One Button Installer is made for similar situations, to replace
Windows XP, but there is an important difference. It is intended for USB
pendrives, and cannot be mass-distributed as boot CDs. A user should
download the image file and flash it to a pendrive, which can be used by
several people in the neighbourhood. Precise Gnome Classic Tweaks as
well as Lubuntu and several other versions, flavours and respins of
Ubuntu are available as tarballs (compressed tar files).

See this thread in the Ubuntu Forums and a direct link to a recent post

Best regards

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