AW: Lubuntu freezing

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at
Mon Sep 2 08:24:55 UTC 2013

On 31.08.2013 02:06, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hi,
> with regard to the earlier kernel for 13.10, I've had a chat on -kernel and
> it is no longer in the archives. However, they did give me this information:
> (23:22:27) phillw: hi good people, sorry to be back so soon... Is there a
> apt-get method (or any fairly simple) method for some one to pull in the
> 3.11.0-3 kernels for someone who has managed to remove it via the
> auto-clean so that they can investigate a possible regression?
> (23:51:31) infinity: phillw: It's gone from the mirrors, so no.
> (23:52:28) infinity: phillw: One could wget the linux-image and
> linux-image-extra debs from
> and
> manually install them with dpkg -i
> Nothing is impossible :)
> Regards,
> Phill.
> P.S. @ several, I've just asked about the ^@^@ logging, I await a possible
> answer and will update this thread when I have more information / requests
> from the kernel team.

3.11.0-4-generic #9-Ubuntu SMP is still freezing without any
identifiable pattern.  Sometimes it will lock up within minutes of
booting, other times it will go more than 10 hours.  It can happen when
a program is used, or it can happen when the machine is sitting idle and
unattended.  It can happen with just one or two apps open or with a
whole bunch.  I still can't find a way to force it to freeze on demand
other than to just wait it out.  As usual, the logs are blank on this.

Any suggestions from the kernel team or others on how to go about
collecting data?


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