[Lubuntu-qa] One Button Installer improved with dialog menus and xz compression

Federico Leoni effelle at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 13:39:38 UTC 2013

Tested both the OBI install on my notebook and a liveCD on
virtualbox.: the "language support is not installed completely"
message is related to a single package, hunspell-en-ca

" This is the English_canadian dictionary for use with the hunspell

If you change the language then you'll install the complete one but
this package for english will always miss.
I have installed Italian and Portuguese without completing the install
for English but when I launched again the Language Support the missing
package alert was still there. Removing completely the English
language solved the problem, obviously.
Curiously installing the English version of the package hunspell-en-ca
has been successfully added.

I didn't see any bug report related to this situation, later today
I'll open one.

Anyway beside this isue both the new tarball are working fine, Nio.
Drop me a line when you want to try the new revision of the OBI


2013/10/30 Federico Leoni <effelle at gmail.com>:
> Good morning Nio,
> I'll test both today but as far as I remember the language is never
> completely installed, even the english one.
> Let me confirm or deny this behavior installing a classic desktop from
> a live CD.
> F.
> 2013/10/30 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com>:
>> On 2013-10-30 01:04, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>>> On 2013-10-30 00:59, Federico Leoni wrote:
>>>> 2013/10/29 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com>:
>>>>> On 2013-10-29 23:11, Federico Leoni wrote:
>>>>> I think this convinced me to make the system ready for the end user
>>>>> (skipping the oem-stage).
>>>>> Would there still be a need for an open text file with simple
>>>>> instructions? In that case, what instructions?
>>>> If you skip the oem-stage then no instructions are needed. The OEM
>>>> installer is easy to follow.
>>> OK
>>>>> The wallpaper could make the pure Lubuntu and the tweaked version
>>>>> different visually.
>>>> I agree with you.
>>>>> xubuntu-precise.tar.xz
>>>>> is already among the uploaded tarballs. Try it in a computer that copes
>>>>> with precise or wait for the Saucy version :-)
>>>> Then I'm out. Precise was always full of issues on my notebook. I
>>>> think I'll install Xfce desktop on Lubuntu 13.10 just to see how it
>>>> runs on such an old machine. You know, watch competitors is always a
>>>> good thing. :)
>>> Yes, that's a good idea :-)
>>>> F.
>> Hi Federico,
>> Now there are two new tarballs without tweaks at phillw.net for you to test
>> md5sum
>> 06b3fe52a56a3af758ef48b59b9e3b24  tarballs/Lubuntu_13.10oct30.tar.xz
>> 4c5259a774d0945b08a8d7515e192f68  tarballs/Lubuntu_13.10oem-oct30.tar.xz
>> 'Lubuntu_13.10oem-oct30.tar.xz' is for OEM guys (like you)
>> 'Lubuntu_13.10oct30.tar.xz' is for end users (after the OEM guy has
>> clicked the icon in the top left corner)
>> There is at least one glitch: The end user is given the opportunity to
>> select language, but it will not be installed properly at the
>> installation (at least not Swedish, that I tested). But when the user
>> selects (from the main menu)
>> Preferences--Language Support
>> and installs the relevant language, it will work after the next reboot.
>> Do you know if this can be improved (without installing all languages at
>> the OEM level)?
>> Best regards
>> Nio

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