[Lubuntu-qa] One Button Installer improved with dialog menus and xz compression

Federico Leoni effelle at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 22:11:26 UTC 2013

Well Nio, you put a lot of questions for a project born to be a
super-simple installer that is already working fine. This means, at
least for me, that we are ready to enter into phase two of the
project. Good.

Using the xorg.conf is not a good idea because is obsolete but can
override a configuration without problems. Nvidia drivers are still
using it. Anyway putting the UXA setting on a xorg.conf on a machine
with Nvidia GPU seems to not harm the system. Would be interesting if
someone from the dev team gave infos about it.

As already told you the OEM point is more complicated. Try to think as
the end user, even if average: you installed with OBI the system and
after a reboot you don't see your distro up and running but you stand
in front of a desktop with a terminal window, and you don't know why
because there isn't instruction for this. You need to click an icon
then reboot again, assuming you will not configure more deeply, to
start the real configuration of the machine. Ok, if you have create
yourself the OBI drive then you probably know what your are doing, but
keep it simple is always a good thing. Put on startup for OEM user
leafpad opening a text file with simples instruction will help for
Again I prefer the tarball as is now, but you know, an user coming
from XP might be scared because he is not prepared to work on a
terminal. This kind of persons are my target, I want to let them
discover the new environment slowly. My opinion, obviously.
Providing two version of OEM setup would be dispersive, but again it's
up to you.

Even if I prefer standard install, I like the customization you did,
especially, lubuntu-restricted-extras, pulseaudio, pavucontrol.
Normally I add them myself.
Alias are good but the simple user will never use them.
I didn't liked the grub setup, I prefer it hidden when just on single boot.
The wallpaper is the unique visual customization you made, I prefer
the stock one, expecially on lightdm.

Have a pure Lubuntu OEM will be the natural step to follow when OBI
will become more popular.

Speaking of xfce desktop I'm interested in testing it on such an old
machine. Let me know.


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