Another Autostart problem: SpiderOak backup

John Hupp lubuntu at
Mon Oct 28 17:36:12 UTC 2013

I'm running Spideroak just fine on a 13.04 machine.

However, in a fresh installation of 13.10 Spideroak does not autostart.

I see that Spideroak's intended launch point is 
~/.config/autostart/SpiderOak.desktop, and that shortcut is present.

In the current thread with subject ".config/autostart" there was a 
reference to Leszek Lesner's 2011 video re Autostart: 

That video includes coverage of Preferences > Desktop Session Settings, 
but I don't have that menu item in my fresh full install of 13.10.  Is 
this a bug, or is the functionality of Desktop Session Settings now 
supposed to be provided via Preferences > Default Applications for 


Another question -- I find these two folders:
/etc/xdg/autostart (a global autostart location)
~/.config/autostart (a local autostart location)

But also these two files:

Are the latter two files for a deprecated but still supported autostart 
method?  Is there nice documentation somewhere for current autostart 
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