start stop services in Lubuntu 13.04

Paul Sutton zleap at
Mon Oct 28 17:02:48 UTC 2013


Just been chatting to wh0_d4T on irc, with regard to starting cups on
lubntu 13.04

I know that you use


to auto start applications,  such as chrome, chromium, xchat,  update
notifier,  these are user interactive programs, 

However as cups is a daemon / service.,  what is now used to start stop
services on the system upon boot up,  is there a simple guide to editing
the appropriate text files OR a gui tool like the old sysvinit, tool
which presented you with a list of services on the left,  then a series
of boxes at the top for each run level to start up, and below a series
of boxes as to what would shut down.

What is needed is an uptodate guide on how to do this,  with editing
filers included as if the GUI ever goes wrong or there is only ssh
access then systems can still be fixed.

preferences - desktop session settings does not seem to deal with back
ground stuff such as


and such like.

I think there is so much info out there, some is out of date, but just
having daemon instead of services can make a difference,

I think all this has something to do with initd and rc.d directories, 

users should NOT have edit text files, but sometimes it is needed, 
there really should be tools for this, but also users should understand
what is going on in the background as in what these tools are doing.





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