[Lubuntu-qa] One Button Installer improved with dialog menus and xz compression

Federico Leoni effelle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 19:58:46 UTC 2013

Doing again the usb thumb solve the issues. Installed Gnome oem in
less than 30 minutes, not bad for a 11 old notebook!
Unfortunately gnome classic is too heavy for my notebook and 12.04 is
not good for me, always gave me problems on this note. It's better to
revert to Lubuntu 13.10 if you don't have something new to try Like a Lubuntu
13.10 oem! :D


2013/10/24 Federico Leoni <effelle at gmail.com>:
> 2013/10/24 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com>:
>> Thanks for the detailed feedback :-)
>> I'm reading and saying to myself, yes, he's right about that ... almost
>> everywhere.
>> Questions about the 'usb maker script': Do you mean 'mkusb'? Which
>> version did you use? Version 4 needs less cut and paste compared to the
>> older versions. I'm also considering using menus similar to those of the
>> OBI for mkusb. What do you think about that?
>> Yes I know about that warning about 'hd0', but I don't know how to get
>> rid of it :-/
>> I will improve the dialogue to select tarball according to your comment.
>> There is an easy alternative to the 'guru' user: Install
>> GnomeClassic1204-oem.tar.xz
>> and experience the 'final stage of an OEM install'. If you give strong
>> positive feedback, I will do more such tarballs :-P
>> And another issue: What do you think of the option to import tarballs
>> via the network into the OBI (while booted from it)? It is possible now
>> after exiting to the bash shell, but it can be included in the menu system.
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> About the usb script (mkusb v4), my fault didn't read this:
> 7. Alternative to running the tasks 4-6 above: use mkusb
> I recreated the usb (this time without a keystroke) with
> GnomeClassic1204-oem.tar.xz tarball. Took 7 minutes with a 4GB SanDisk
> Cruzer Edge but it seems this file isn't working with OBI: when I
> select it an error appears but it's too fast to read.
> I've already used oem configuration in the past, so for me is good to
> go. Waaaaay better.
> Download the tarballs via network reminds me unetbootin, I like the
> idea if you can ensure a good bandwidth...
> F.

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