[Lubuntu-qa] One Button Installer improved with dialog menus and xz compression

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 18:47:40 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-24 20:22, Federico Leoni wrote:
> Got it. Unfortunately my PCMCIA usb2 card stop working and I have
> installed it trough an USB1 port. And with my surprise all goes fast
> enough.
> All worked fine (as with 13.04 tarball) but now, after the second try
> I can report my experience.
> The test was made on a Dell C400 with a P3 866mhz and 768mb ram. The
> Disk is a 30GB 4200rpm with two partition. Full specs here
> http://phillw.net/hardware/FT95k58f .
> About the usb maker script: even if I had no problem with it a basic
> linux user could be scared, too many commands to paste, would be
> better have a single script that  manage everything, from the
> selection of the target drive to the copy of the selected tarball (if
> needed). My humble opinion.
> About the installer, it started with a warning:
> error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'
> but worked anyway. All goes well till the choice of the tarball, is a
> bit confusing when you ask to select a special tarball or a general
> one. I choose the special because was highlighted and because I read
> your readme file. A simple explanation on the windows would be ok.
> The disk was wiped as expected and a unique partition was created
> correctly. The warning are well positioned.
> The installer worked damn fast even with such a slow usb port and in
> minutes I was on user login. Now... Who is guru user?? :D
> I know user and host can be change easily but will be nice have a
> procedure to create a personal user like on alternate install or at
> least a message informing the user and pass of the final system
> without open the readme page.
> For the rest is the same good Lubuntu. :)
> Generally this installer rocks. It's really a good work my friend,
> windows xp has a new enemy now.
> For any question I'm here.
> F.
Thanks for the detailed feedback :-)

I'm reading and saying to myself, yes, he's right about that ... almost

Questions about the 'usb maker script': Do you mean 'mkusb'? Which
version did you use? Version 4 needs less cut and paste compared to the
older versions. I'm also considering using menus similar to those of the
OBI for mkusb. What do you think about that?

Yes I know about that warning about 'hd0', but I don't know how to get
rid of it :-/

I will improve the dialogue to select tarball according to your comment.

There is an easy alternative to the 'guru' user: Install


and experience the 'final stage of an OEM install'. If you give strong
positive feedback, I will do more such tarballs :-P

And another issue: What do you think of the option to import tarballs
via the network into the OBI (while booted from it)? It is possible now
after exiting to the bash shell, but it can be included in the menu system.

Best regards

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