Lubuntu 13.04 core updated to 13.10 results in full Lubuntu desktop?

Kadrija Hrlovic kalehrl at
Sat Oct 19 13:00:34 UTC 2013

I upgraded my Lubuntu to 13.10 yesterday on my Asus eee pc 4g surf and was
surprised to discovered that it resulted in the full Lubuntu desktop 13.10
Is this expected because it doesn't seem logical to me.
I had 13.04 core installed via mini.iso and expected to go to 13.10 core
just with updated programs but not the full Lubuntu desktop.
Now my Lubuntu installation is 2.2GB whereas it used to be 1.5GB on my tiny
4GB SSD drive.
The space is not the only problem. Now I have a lot of programs running
that I don't really need and those were the reasons I started with mini.iso
in the first place.
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