lubuntu 13.10 powerpc and imac g4

Daniel Gustafsson cloaked at
Mon Oct 7 07:56:53 UTC 2013

This weekend I've been busy trying to get a recent builds of xubuntu 
working on my old iMac G4 (iLamp). I think it broke around 12.04 ?

As some might know the more recent builds crashes with the "recursive 
fault" issue that requires you to blacklist snd_powermac. And when 
that's been dealt with the graphics doesn't work and trying to recompile 
xserver-xorg-video-nv didn't work out too well (The guides references a 
version of the sourcecode that seems to have been pulled and the old one 
doesn't compiler since it's expecting xaa.h)

I really never did get it to work, I simply got a hold of the daily 
"saucy" build of lubuntu for powerpc and it worked out of the box! One 
thing that refuses to work however is sound.

Now I'm in no way an experienced linux user but I _think_ I've done 
everything correct. I've tried disabling the snd-aoa modules and 
manually modprobing snd_powermac. I've installed/uninstalled/reinstalled 
alsa-base and pulseaudio but "cat /proc/asound/cards", "alsactl init" 
and "pacmd list-cards" claims I've got no sound hardware in the system.

I'm not really sure were to go from here. Feels like there's a 50/50 
chance the error is on my part or a problem with snd_powermac not 
recognizing the card?

At any rate I got both a G4 "Lamp" and a G4 "Cube" I'd be more than 
willing to test stuff on in case more PowerPC hardware testers are 
needed but I don't know where to start out.

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