lubuntu mini remix

Israel israeldahl at
Sat Nov 30 15:33:33 UTC 2013

On 11/29/2013 08:36 PM, Sunita Barve wrote:
> Can i have lubuntu mini remix 12.04 LTS available somewhere. I need
> lubuntu mini remix which i can customize and which is supported as a
> LTS. If not available can someone guide me hw to create the one using
> existing ubuntu 12.04 mini remix.
> tx
> Sunita
Not too hard to do, get ubuntu minimal installation and install LXDE
inside of it (rather than 'lubuntu') and you can also install the
artwork, etc.. if you so choose.  This will make it mini, and you can
  You can get it for multiple architectures (i386, amd64, arm, etc...)
and you can set up a PPA on launchpad if you need to customize the
software for your needs, and add the ppa to your install (like if you
want a certain version of a certain program, or if you have made a
specialize program for this remix, and want to keep it updated)
Choose the Alternate install CD, or server install CD.


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