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Fri Nov 29 16:50:06 UTC 2013

Dear Lubuntu Community, 

Yes, Garry Gazules is right. There seems to be no one-stop-shop to get answers for all questions a newbie has-I am one! Pretty scattered infos. I understand this, because it is not a company with a big boss, dictating what people are supposed to do and what not...nevertheless I do not want a big boss! People love their opinions very dearly, so when not happy with a site, make a new one with this beloved opinion.
I am still having heavy problems with Lub on my netbook and no solution, in spite of several posts and advices in the Ubuntu-Forum. 

I tried to understand the mailing-list, the structure and so on, what to post there and what not-is there a FAQ for this purpose? This kind of communication is a new matter for me, too. 

At first glance the Linuxworld seems not to be cash-or profit this true?
Further: Is there something I can do?

Kind regards, 


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