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On 11/26/2013 08:40 AM, josewendy1 wrote:
> Thanks Israel, I download it through the deb. File, (, then
> moved it to home and installed it through terminal. Did a sudo
> update-grub and nothing. 
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> On 11/26/2013 06:47 AM, josewendy1 wrote:
>> Hey all my question is if I'm doing a kernel upgrade. I have 3.8.0.x
>> and I want to upgrade to let's say 3.12.0.x. do I have to upgrade the
>> kernels in between to get there. 
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> Are you upgrading through the normal repos?  I you are using synaptic
> (or terminal) you will not have to upgrade through all the other ones.
> If you are building it, you may need to make sure all the back end
> supports that kernel version, though it seems like it should (i've
> never compiled my own kernel personally)  You only want to keep your
> last good working kernel, in case the new one has bugs/regressions
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You need the headers as well.
Please tell us exactly what the files you installed (did you use sudo
dpkg -i *.deb?)  and also where did you get these files from.
What version of Lubuntu are you using?
Please give more info for someone to help.


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