When can i get sound events in lubuntu?

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 16:31:45 UTC 2013

Ali is absolutely correct, you need to open a blueprint.
There are so many things to do before April, the only way you can insure
it will be done, is by doing it.  Everyone already has tasks, and some
projects are a huge undertaking.  I don't know if anyone that works for
Canonical is involved in Lubuntu (in other words everyone works on this
stuff because we enjoy it, and want to help other people)
I know the packages I make are because I want to.  The bugs I fix are
because I want the fix.

If you want, I can help you package it, but you will need to pick some
sounds, and find out how they are accessed from LXDE events.  That is
something I don't know.  Someone here might be able to help, but I know
someone from LXDE would know (like PC Man, for sure).

A community package of sounds would be nice.  Maybe have users submit
sounds for different system events, and vote on the best ones, or
something.  LMMS is awesome for creating sound effects (use
fluid-soundfont-gm & fluid-soundfont-gs those have some awesome sounds
for the Soundfont).
If you can't make sounds, and don't want to organize a community sound
project go to freesound.org and find some.
Of course if you don't want to work on packaging or any aspect of it, it
very likely will not get done.  I know I have many other projects beside
my new involvement here, so I am sure the others here have other
projects, as well as jobs, and family and possibly school.

On 11/22/2013 08:51 AM, Hackson.Wang wrote:
> Yes, Israel, you are right! Just make a choice for every user --
> having a lubuntu-sounds-theme package is a very smarter idea :_)
> So, the dev-team will accept this sugesstion?
> On 2013/11/22 21:38, Israel wrote:
>> I agree that system sounds would increase the over-all size of the
>> OS, and playing a sound for an event would cause drain on resources. 
>> However, this being GNU/Linux, giving choice to users would be nice. 
>> Maybe having lubuntu-sounds package could make optional sounds easy
>> to install (and have it configured).
>> I agree with both points here.
>> ???? wants a nice OS that functions well, and is very fun for use,
>> and works like the familiar ones.
>> Ali knows that even OGG files will be a drain on the size of the OS,
>> and RAM and processor to play these sounds each time.
>> So since both points are valid, it might be good to find a middle ground.
>> I always have turned off sounds for my computers, and don't like
>> clicking sounds on touchscreens, etc..  but some people really like
>> the sounds, obviously.
>> XP plays sounds for people, and they are a target for this OS.
>> On 11/22/2013 01:09 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
>>> On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 6:58 AM, ???? <hackson99 at 163.com
>>> <mailto:hackson99 at 163.com>> wrote:
>>>     I find the sound event is the worstcharacter for almost all the
>>>     linux destros.
>>>     Why? In the earlest win98, i found the sound event is excellent
>>>     for me,but in linux, the sound event become a scarce
>>>     resource.Maybe someone tell me that will save energy, this JUST
>>>     is an excuse.
>>>     So, can lubuntu improve the character of the sound events?
>>> Hi,
>>> I am in hurry and must go so can't really dig into the archive right
>>> now but if you ask those who have been around here for at least the
>>> last two years, they can confirm to you this topic has been
>>> discussed before but it is 100% fine to re-talk about it :) at least
>>> IMHO it is good to discuss and communicate :)
>>> Feel Free to start a blueprint here:
>>> https://launchpad.net/lubuntu-brainstorming
>>> Previous discussions ended at this decision: no sound to be added
>>> because that will affect the overall performance of Lubuntu.
>>> But, again, feel free to start a new blueprint for that if you wish :)
>>> -- 
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