When can i get sound events in lubuntu?

海鑫电脑 hackson99 at 163.com
Fri Nov 22 05:13:39 UTC 2013

Thank you Israel.

I mean, when i login lubuntu, there should play a shot but beautiful 
music; when i logout or shutdown or reboot lubuntu, there also is a shot 
and beautiful music to play; when i click menus , there should be a shot 
and beautiful sound to play; when i do wrong or danger things , lubuntu 
not only show me a warning box but also play a shot sound to warn me.

Do you understand me? For commonly user, we need fast, beautiful UI, 
also, we need enjoy the every click through the system sound :_)

On 2013/11/22 12:59, Israel wrote:
> Thanks for taking time to improve Lubuntu.
> It would be helpful if you described in detail what you mean by "sound
> event excellent". Are there certain types of sounds you miss from Win98?
> Are you interested in improving this (recording specific sounds to be
> used) and helping get them integrated into Lubuntu/LXDE, or are you
> simply displeased with the default sounds?
> I generally disable sound events on my computer, but it seems as though
> the Lubuntu sounds are from Gnome (not sure if libcanberra dependencies
> still exist), though I could easily be mistaken here.
> You can easily turn off the sounds from the lxappearance app "Customize
> Look and Feel" The 'Other' tab will let you turn off the sounds.
> On 11/21/2013 08:58 PM, 海鑫电脑 wrote:
>> I find the sound event is the worstcharacter for almost all the linux
>> destros.
>> Why? In the earlest win98, i found the sound event is excellent for
>> me,but in linux, the sound event become a scarce resource.Maybe
>> someone tell me that will save energy, this JUST is an excuse.
>> So, can lubuntu improve the character of the sound events?

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