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Wed Nov 20 13:38:04 UTC 2013

I know as a user, I looked to you as the leader of Lubuntu, someone who
was always there to answer my questions and help when I had an issue
that I needed help with.  Thank you for being there for us!

On 11/20/2013 04:00 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Too much happened on the last 3 weeks and it was hard to follow up
> with what was happening at some point. In few words, without going
> into deep details, and for unavoidable reasons, I have decided to
> disengage myself from all my activities within Lubuntu after more than
> two years of non-stop contributions to this project:
> However, I am not going to leave until I finish my last 4 commitments
> and make sure everything will be fine regarding these tasks/missions:
>  1. I've been discussing a proposal of mutual collaboration between
>     Lubuntu and other Communities with one of the Ubuntu Community
>     Council Members, and I think there might be a bit of good news in
>     this regard.
>  2. Ubuntu Community Council are working on this issue :
>     and I am waiting for their updates. They have showed a full
>     support in regard of this matter and they are working on it.
>  3. I have approached a Canonical Manager/Coordinator seeking help and
>     support in regards of 'more' Testers for Lubuntu. Discussion is
>     still in progress
>  4. And Finally,
> So, please be sure that I shall not leave as it is not ethical unless
> I finish and deliver these commitments and make sure everything is
> going to be as smooth as possible. I hope I could do that and keep my
> word as I am the one who started these initiatives and I am going to
> finish these to the end.
> I shall also keep you posted regarding the above 4 tasks :)
> And, as always, I shall not turn my back to Lubuntu nor anyone. If you
> do need anything, you know how to reach me:
> Keep up the good work :)
> P.S.
> Lubuntu Social Media Channels are in very good hands and I can assure
> you that. Ibere is taking a massive care of these channels!
> -- 
> Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
> Best Regards,
> amjjawad <>
> Areas of Involvement <>
> My Projects <>


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