Request to subscribe myself as part of Lubuntu Team

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Thanks to all

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>  Aniket:
> Welcome to the team!
> Best regards,
> Dale Visser
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> Subject: Request to subscribe myself as part of Lubuntu Team
> Hi all,
> I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all users &
> members of Lubuntu. I am Mr. Aniket Salunkhe and after discussion with Ali
> on google hangout I am willing to become a part of Lubuntu Team.
> Professionally I am software developer, working on embedded platform with
> C, C++. Prior to that I did my masters in computers through one of the
> recognized National Institute of India.
> Besides my work routine, I do couple of activities and try to learn new
> things. During that process, with one of my friend, I was trying to build
> customizable debain based ISO (lightweight with few essential packages).
> While researching on it I got to know about Lubuntu project. Through Ali I
> came to know that Lubuntu project is similar (rather better) to what we
> were trying to achieve. Ali also suggested me to contribute Lubuntu
> project. Considering this as good opportunity to become a part of open
> source project and learn new things, I am stepping forward.
> I am looking forward to contribute this project with you all and learn the
> system.
> Best Regards,
> Aniket
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