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On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 3:02 PM, Hùng Trần <nguyentieuhau at> wrote:

> Hi,
Hi and sorry for my late reply :)

> I have been following @lubuntudesktop since the first days of Lubuntu, for
> me, it is the first and the official Twitter account of Lubuntu.

You are right about one thing which is:"I have been following
@lubuntudesktop since the first days of Lubuntu"because indeed, it is an
old account which Lubuntu Team had failed to get any kind of direct access
to it so that it can be used to spread the word of Lubuntu on Twitter :)

I respect your opinion of considering the one you referred to is the
'official' one but I am afraid I believe for Lubuntu, they do need an
account which they can access not an account they run after its founder for
two years or so :)

The email above was the final action. I am sure there are tons of threads
regarding endless discussions about the Twitter Account and the Website but
I don't need to prove that anymore - anyone can check the Public Archive :)

So, the Twitter Account that Lubuntu can access is:

The current 'active' Team Leaders and Social Media Administrators 'do' have
access to that account. I can assure you it is between safe hands :)

> I think Mario is the creator of this account.

I know.
He refused to give Lubuntu Team an access to that account.
He refused and still refusing to communicate.
He might be thinking that Lubuntu is a one-man-project which belongs to him
or whoever else and the community should NOT take any responsibility
whatsoever which, if you ask me, defeat the whole idea of a Free and Open
Source Software and above all, defeat the idea of Lubuntu being a Community
Project. Sounds like Windows Policy not Linux :(

> This account is not active, its tweets are generated automatically from
> LXDE blog and *buntu planet's feeds.

Exactly :)
That is exactly why we do not need it :)
Neither we do need a website that we, Lubuntu Team, can't control/update.

> I think it's time for the core members to sit down and re-organize the
> project. Everything likes a mess now.

Agreed. This is a great idea.
But, where are the core members? I am ready when they are :)

> Regards,
> Hung
> TRẦN Duy Hùng

Thank you for sharing these information :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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