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Mon Nov 11 15:22:53 UTC 2013

Dear Mario,

I hope this email finds you well :)

It's been one year and a half and I have never seen one word from you so I
am seriously started to be worried, are you okay? I do hope you are doing
well and in good health.

As pointed out on the Subject of this email, this is regarding a very old
unresolved issue related to the whole Lubuntu Community.

AFAIK, you are the only one who has access to Lubuntu Website. Myself and
some good friends of mine have failed to find out who else has access to
that area beside you and after chasing down this very issue, we ended up
banding our head against the wall because no one knows who exactly can make
one simple edit on the website of Lubuntu.

Before I send this email, I went back to the Archive of Lubuntu:

I wanted to double check if there was some hope previously regarding this
issue but sadly, I have ended up with no hope and a dead end. This was and
still going to absolutely no where.

I am sending this email not as a Team Leader of this Community but as a
Lubuntu User who has a feedback or a suggestion and I'd like to send it and
share it with the whole community :)

Mario, if you are inactive, not interested, busy, etc and have no time or
can not or don't want to do anything for Lubuntu Website, kindly provide
the access to the right people who would love to jump in, roll up their
sleeves and contribute to the website of the system they love, like, use
and share with their love ones :)

I believe, this is the simplest, easiest and humblest request after all
that time.

Not to speak on someone's else behalf but there are some members who are
confused and don't know what to do nor they like the fact of not having any
kind of access/control over the website of the community they are part of
and contribute to.

Thank you for your understanding and I do hope that we could reach to a
solution for this unresolved issue :)

@Lubuntu Community:

If there is someone else who can still read this and indeed has an access
to Lubuntu Website, would you please be so kind and nice and speak up? it
is not nice that we keep banging our heads against the wall, looking for
someone who can update the information and correct the mistakes on the
website and we can't find anyone whatsoever so kindly, say something :)


After this email, if this very issue won't get resolved, some good friends
suggested to contact Canonical and escalate the issue to someone who might
be able to help or advise, at least.

No need to be negative and assume this will not be resolved but just in
case, we could for now use Lubuntu Blog ( as a
Temporary Solution and as a permanent solution, the community need to come
up with something like another website or any other solution the community
see fit :)

Just a thought/suggestion/idea :)

Thank you everyone!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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