Removing Zeitgeist

David Yentzen dbyentzen at
Sun Nov 10 18:27:05 UTC 2013

Thanks for the input. I will have to go back and review where I picked it
up as a dependency. Regardless at this point, I have first disabled it and
then removed it without appearing to affect function.
Thanks to you both for letting me know that it is not apart of the default
install, this gives me a starting point. I like, very much, to know exactly
what is installed and what it does.

Best Regards,

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Augustine Souza <aesouza2008 at>wrote:

> It's possible you got it as a "recommend" while installing additional
> software as Peter suggests since it isn't part of the default in Lubuntu
> (and even in Xubuntu AFAICT).
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